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"The Ultimate Garden House"


Imagine a space that induces serenity, mental restoration and a peaceful connection with nature…
Experience the pleasures of gardening at home…without the pests and critters wreaking havoc on your harvest.
Enjoy the health & well-being benefits that gardening can provide - with ease and simplicity.


Our flagship Harvest House is 12’ x 7’ x 7’ in size, which provides ample room for your harvest, as well as you…and if you so desire, a guest or two.

Built and engineered with quality, comfort and customization in mind, our Harvest Houses are designed to provide the ultimate growing environment for you and your plants.

Constructed utilizing architectural grade aluminum and galvanized steel; they are corrosion and degradation free. You could say they are “built to last a lifetime”.

So, enjoy gardening without being concerned about the birds, pests and critters consuming your crop before you do.…and experience all of this without ever having to get on your knees again.

All of our Harvest Houses carry a Lifetime Warranty on the structure itself.

All Screening fabrics carry a manufacturers 10 year Warranty.
Since all of our outdoor living environments are constructed utilizing extruded aluminum and galvanized steel, the materials utilized will never degrade over time


Locally Manufactured In Phoenix, Arizona. Professionally Installed!

Standard “Equipped” Model HH1277

Enveloped in Textilene “Super Bug” screen which provides unparalleled pest & bird control.
Designed to provide maximum protection from small pests & critters.
Outfitted with all that you need to start growing your harvest at home.


*Wood Flooring Not Included

Standard Features:
   •    Strong, durable, reinforced structure - designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions
   •    “Critter proof” design w/ 16” galvanized steel flashing along entire perimeter (available in three colors)
   •    Hinged door with our proprietary AutoLatch door handle feature
   •    Stainless Steel Door Hinges
   •    Heavy Duty Adjustable Shelving (two 72” Shelves provided)
   •    Pre-plumbed with integrated drip irrigation main line
   •    Includes external & internal hose connections with on/off valve for interior drip system / interior hose connection
   •    Sturdy reinforced vertical supports - designed and pre-fitted for our adjustable heavy duty shelving, as well as our beautifully designed external planter boxes.


Interior Drip System / Interior Hose Connection


Galvanized Steel Flashing Color Options

Choose Your Flashing Color:

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 8.40.25 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 8.40.52 PM.png

Slate Gray

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 8.41.18 PM.png

Terra Cotta


Drip Irrigation Water Tower w/ Analog Timer

Irrigation Water Tower 2.jpeg
Irrigation Water Tower.jpeg

Extruded aluminum construction  
10GPM water pressure limiter
Incoming & outgoing water lines, including all fittings for quick connection
Extruded aluminum cover designed to conceal all plumbing
Yardeen Dual stage analog water timer w/ bracket

Natural Pollination

Option #1

Provides access for bees to naturally pollinate your harvest.



Bird netting is utilized on one or both ends of the Harvest House, thereby, allowing bees to come and go as they please.

Option #2

Same as option #1 with the addition of a solar powered, tensioned, automated bug screen, sunscreen or greenhouse panel (that opens and closes as needed).


This option provides access for bees during the time of day in which they are pollinating. When the bees are not busy pollinating, the system can be closed in order to keep out other unwanted flying pests.

Additional Heavy Duty Shelving


All of our heavy duty shelving systems are constructed out of architectural grade extruded aluminum.

Designed to withstand up to 250 lbs. of weight 

Wide platform width of 27”- 28” provides plenty of room for your crop to grow

72” Shelving (for backside)


54” Shelving (for left side)


84” Shelving (for frontside)


Interior Paneling:

Our interior paneling adds a “comfortable and finished” feel to any Harvest House. 

It also provides must needed insulation benefits  (if utilizing a climate controlled Harvest House)



Two layer construction with Duramax waterproof wall panels and water resistant wood grained facade

Built & designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and water exposure

Two Sided “Floating” Planter Box w/ Drip Irrigation Lines

Our beautiful planter boxes provide an aesthetically pleasing accent to any Harvest House

*Wood Flooring Not Included



Constructed & reinforced utilizing architectural grade extruded aluminum 

Paneled with water resistant exterior wood grained facade

Smoked plexiglass (angled) interior basin provides a very appealing aesthetic from the interior

Integrated drip Irrigation plumbing (that connects to the internal main line)

Solar Powered, Tensioned,  Automated Green House Panels

Provide exceptional climate control for year round harvesting.

These systems are necessary for any climate controlled Harvest House



Solar Powered Motor Systems with 6-12 month battery reserve 

Fully Enclosed  w/ Color Coordinated Aluminum Fascia Covers & Side Channels

Outfitted with Agtec Super Strength Woven Greenhouse Film 

These panels/ systems are a necessity for any climate controlled Harvest House

Multi channel RF transmitter included


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