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"The Ultimate Stand Alone Shading Structure"

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Tired of getting cooked by the sun in your backyard?
Well, now you can save all of that cooking for the BBQ.
Introducing the SHADE MAKER XE.

The world’s first solar powered, retractable, tensioned, stand alone shading structure.
Constructed of structural grade aluminum - the SHADE MAKER XE is designed to withstand the unpredictable & violent weather that the southwest can dish out. 

Available with an additional vertically oriented, solar powered, retractable shading system, as well as cooling fans, misting system(s) and sun / wind sensors.
Now you can enjoy having shade anytime you need it - and benefit from the sun protection and cooling benefits that the SHADE MAKER XE can provide.
Standard Features:

Extruded (structural) aluminum frame and supports
Mounting runners with protective covers (so you’ll never stub your toes)
Solar powered, automated, tensioned shade system with 99% UV protection solarscreen

Mini solar panel/collector
High torque DC powered motor system with internal battery / power storage
Hand held remote RF transmitter
Fixed, wire mesh underlayment (to protect the solarscreen from wind & rain damage)
Coated in an automotive grade finish - available in (5) varying color options

Optional Features:
Solar powered, automated (vertically oriented) shade system with 99% UV protection
solarscreen (for backside of unit)
-This option provides additional sun protection during sunrise or sunset, enabling you to have more sun protection throughout the day, so you can enjoy your time in the shade that much longer!
The retractable shading system is always guided and contained by the (stainless steel) cable system
The cable system also retracts when the system is not in use - thereby eliminating the risk of running into a cable when the shade system is fully retracted.

Solar powered sun & wind sensor
-The solar powered sun & wind sensor provides peace of mind by retracting the shading system(s) when harsh wind / weather conditions are present.

Misting system
-The optional misting system helps to keep temperatures lower and provide a cooler environment on those hot summer days

Solar powered cooling fans
-Recommended when the misting system is utilized. The solar powered cooling fans assist in keeping you cool by moving the cool air in your direction.

Concrete Footing Installation
-This option is available when concrete footings are required for the mounting of the system. If the surface in which we are mounting to does not provide the necessary foundation for appropriate support and stability, concrete footings will be necessary.